Justo Padron Jr., CEO


Justo Padron’s passion for architecture is truly instinctive, having grown with him since the age of twelve. An exceptional designer and intuitive architect, his focus lies in the art of balance, combining architectural details and design elements like spatial flow, light, scale and material with clients’ goals to bring their dreams into reality.

Justo founded the company in 2007. He has since led the design teams of complex, ambitious projects world wide. Understanding the importance of both beauty and functionality, Justo  works meticulously through each detail to accommodate special interests, overcome challenges, and transcend client expectations. 


Robert Meseer, V.P. International Affairs


Robert Meseer joined the firm in 2012 and has been the driving force for our presence in the Middle East. Robert is very passionate about the developments in the Middle East. Robert is very familiar with the customs and the region.

Robert leads the design team on complex and ambitious projects for the region. He is also very knowledgeable in international financing and assisting our clients obtaining project funding. 


Leonard Vandenburg, President of Dairy Operations


Leonard Vandenburg has expanded his business over the 42 years with his current operation over 800 cattle. Leonard has held a number of positions throughout his career; in 1977 he was elected to the Associated Dairymen Board of Directors. In 1988 he helped established the California Dairy Campaign, He also help the National Farmers Organization get establish in New Mexico, in 1999 he was elected the National Vice-President for the National Farmers Organization.

In 2001 Leonard was appointed National Director for the NFO. In 2003 Leonard started the retail division for the NFO known as New Country Farms. 2003 Leonard was re-elected National Vice- President.

In 2007 Leonard resigned from NFO and started the Milk Movers of America LLC (MMA) and was able to grow the business to $6 million dollar revenue in just 18 months.

In 2009 Leonard sold MMA milk contracts and started a consulting company Pacific Gold Milk Producers, Inc (PGMP) a cooperative for all the producers MMA was handling. Leonard has a 10 year contract with PGMP and does consulting work for producers, legal and milk processors.